OSSAA Releases Modified High School Football Playoff Plan

Tuesday, October 20th 2020, 5:22 pm
By: Erica Rankin

The OSSAA released modifications to their football playoff Tuesday morning.

This came after the OSSAA’s Associate Director, Mike Whaley, said they have had 25 to 28 games canceled every week across the state.

“Some of those games have been made up but some haven’t,” said Whaley.

To try to let everyone have a chance despite what they have dealt with in the regular season, the OSSAA has added in a “play-in” round. This will allow teams from all across the state to be given the option to opt in or out of the playoffs.

“We will have a bracket that will have a spot for every team,” said Whaley.

This will mean that championship games will be pushed back, but 6A will not be affected by that.

Now, once the bracket play is started, if there is a team that can not play on their designated day due to COVID-19, they will be eliminated.

“We will go back to the preceding round and ask that teams opponent if they would like to participate in that spot,” said Whaley. “If they don’t want to then that team will get a bye and move on to the next round.”

As for if fans will be allowed to the games, Whaley said that will be left up to the host site, but if they do allow fans and you purchase a ticket, then you are required to wear a mask when entering the stadium and while at the game.