US Air Force Major Accused Of Filming Under Young Girl’s Skirt

Monday, October 19th 2020, 10:13 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

EDMOND, Okla. -

A U.S. Air Force major is accused of shooting video under a young girl's skirt at a store in Edmond.

According to police, the child's distraught mother called 911.

“I saw a man trying to film under my daughter's skirt,” the mother said to a 911 dispatcher.

According to reports, the mother and daughter were shopping inside a Target in Edmond when the alert mother suspected Gary Meyer of following too close to them.

“Her daughter had a short skirt on and he had his phone in a basket. He was walking past them, so that he could potentially get video up her skirt,” Edmond Police Department Public Information Officer Emily Ward said.

Once confronted by the mother, reports said Meyer ran off as she alerted store employees.

“Are you guys going to do anything about this guy? He's leaving! He's leaving!” the mother said on the 911 call.    

The mother called 911, insisting something be done.

“I know you're just the dispatcher, but it's unacceptable for you guys not to get a hold of him! I clearly saw him doing it!” the mother said.

“I totally understand,” the dispatcher said to the mother.

“I know, I'm just an upset momma. I understand,” the mother responded.              

Police confront Meyer nearby.

“What's your side of the story? What's this all about?” the officer asked Meyer.

“I was just shopping and this lady is all upset that I have a cellphone in my basket,” Meyer told the officer.  

Meyer insisted he did nothing wrong.

“OK, was the camera activated so you could walk by, lower the basket and look up dresses?” the officer asked.

“Absolutely not,” Meyer said to the officer.

While nothing was initially found on Meyer’s phone, a closer look uncovered what appeared to be an application used to hide photo albums. 

A search warrant of Meyer's home uncovered a trove of evidence implicating him in the crime. He was booked into jail on a child sex crime complaint.

“There were some videos on his computers as well as some searches, Google searches, having to do with up-skirting juveniles, things like that,” Ward said.