Non-Profit Continues To Serve Cystic Fibrosis Community Despite Risk Of Closing

Sunday, October 18th 2020, 7:23 am
By: News On 6

TULSA, Okla. -

Like many businesses across the country, the Tulsa non-profit CF Solutions is struggling to keep its doors open.

CF Solutions owner Linda Jenson says the bills just keep piling up but that's not stopping her from seeing patients and serving the cystic fibrosis community. Jenson says Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that requires a great deal of medical treatments and says the medicine is extremely expensive. In fact, one of her patients requires $10,000 worth of medication each month. Jenson says her patients are a part of a population that's very susceptible to respiratory illnesses and aren't easily treated.

So, when COVID came about, she believes cystic fibrosis families got scared and cut off contact, leaving Jenson's organization with next to nothing. She says business is back up, but the debt continues to grow. Jenson says the drugs are costly and insurance companies take up to 6 weeks to reimburse the pharmacy for its services, putting them in even deeper debt.

Jenson says they'll do anything to keep their nonprofit open even if it means moving locations and downsizing.

"We're going to try and make sure that we don't just down because I feel like we're a very necessary part of the cystic fibrosis community, so we will do whatever we have to do not shut down," said Jenson.

CF Solutions is accepting donations right now which can be made by CLICKING HERE