Abandoned Dog Finds New Forever Home After Getting Help From OKC Animal Welfare Volunteer

Tuesday, October 13th 2020, 5:40 pm
By: Karl Torp

A malnourished dog abandoned by its owner now has a new home and is healthy.

That's hard to imagine when you see what the dog looked like just six weeks ago.

Maze was found abandoned in a house without food or water in early September.

She weighed just 27 pounds and was too weak to walk without falling down.

A volunteer at OKC Animal Welfare brought her home and helped nurse Maze back to health.

“When they are in that shape you can’t given them a whole bunch of food. You have to do it gradually and it worked. I can tell you it worked,” said OKC Animal Welfare volunteer Gayl Leichner.

Leichner and animal welfare officers helped the dog regain her strength.

Nearly six weeks later, Maze is 54 pounds, energetic and back to chasing squirrels.

“She bounced back a lot quicker than we thought she would,” said Jon Gary, OKC Animal Welfare superintendent.

“I am very lucky to call her mine because I can guarantee she will have the best life possible from her on out,” said Mouziane Deeb.

Deeb just adopted the pit bull, and renamed her Isa.

OKC Animal Welfare told News 9 it will ask the Oklahoma County district attorney to pursue felony charges against the person who abandoned the dog.