Congresswoman Helps Reopen Green Card Case For Local Musician

Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 5:44 pm
By: Karl Torp


A local musician's green card application is being reopened at its was first denied.

Angelica Pereira came to Oklahoma City University in 2008 on a music scholarship.

She now plays with the OKC Philharmonic and teaches music to underserved children.

Like a lot of professional musicians, she's a contract worker- and does not have a full time job.

That was the main reason Angelica's green card application in the “extraordinary abilities” category was originally denied.

Congresswoman Kendra Horn successfully lobbied for the case to be reopened.

While the case is heard again Angelica gets to stay in Oklahoma.

“I believe the American dream hasn’t been closed to me,” said Pereira.

“Talent like Angelica’s is something that would be a loss to Oklahoma City, to our arts and culture, but also to the children that she works with and teaches,” said Rep. Horn.

Meanwhile, Pereira has applied for an artist visa which would allow her to play with the OKC Philharmonic and teach.

The OKC homeowner will get notification on her artist visa in less than two weeks.