The Village Officer Charged With Manslaughter Turns Himself In, Released On Bond

Wednesday, September 16th 2020, 5:19 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

A police officer from The Village charged with first-degree manslaughter turned himself in on Tuesday, according to his attorney.

A bondsman escorted Chance Avery, 34, through the booking process at the Oklahoma County jail. Avery was released a short time later on a $10,000 bond.

Avery was criminally charged last week by the Oklahoma County district attorney following an officer-involved shooting from July.

Avery was responding to a domestic call in which 49-year-old Christopher Poor's estranged wife called police to be at the home while Poor picked up his belongings.

Avery's body-worn camera was rolling during his confrontation with Poor.

Avery: “Put the bat down.

Poor: “I will.

Avery: “Headquarters start me another unit.

Poor continued to ignore the officer's commands. Avery's attorney Gary James said the officer fired at the man in self-defense and to protect Poor's wife.  

Avery: “Put the bat down now."

Poor: “I’m putting it down. I just asked where.

Avery: “Set it down, set it down.

The Oklahoma County district attorney did not see Avery's actions as self-defense and determined the deadly shooting was not justified. Avery was charged last week with first-degree manslaughter.

Poor’s wife: “He was not going to hurt you.

Avery: “Ma’am, he was coming at me with a bat.

The Village police officials sent a statement and said the department was "shocked to learn that he was criminally charged as a result of the shooting." The police department is doing an internal investigation and said they support Avery.

Avery is on paid administrative leave. He is expected to appear in court for an arraignment hearing on Nov. 12.