Yukon Pre-K Through Third Grade Students Return to In-Person Class

Wednesday, September 16th 2020, 6:04 am
By: Ashley Holden

Yukon -

On Wednesday, Yukon students Pre-K through third grade will return to traditional learning inside a classroom.

The board made the decision to head back to traditional learning about a week ago. All Yukon students started school virtually on August 24.

At the last school board meeting, the superintendent said the way they started has really prepared everyone just in case someone has to be quarantined or out of school.

"By giving these four or five weeks of continuous learning plan and instruction, everyone knows what to expect if and when it happens," said Supt. Dr. Jason Simeroth. 

Dr. Simeroth also said looking at other districts in the state and what district officials have learned about the virus, he did not think they would have to completely shut down again. 

"I do not unless it just gets insanely contagious throughout the state and unless were mandated, I don't see us shutting down the district again and I really don't see a site or a classroom necessarily," said Dr. Simeroth. 

He said instead, they would more likely be quarantining individual people.

The district has posted reminders for parents as their children head back to class, including drop-off directions and masks requirements. 

Parents can find those through the district's official website.

Students return to the classroom is staggered. The next round of students, fourth through 12th grade, will head back Monday.