No-Charge Auto Shop That Received International Attention May Move To MWC

Monday, September 14th 2020, 5:42 pm
By: Karl Torp


City leaders in Midwest City will decide if land will be given to a no charge auto shop for its new garage.

Retired Veteran Adam Ely started Hard Luck Auto out of his own truck in 2017.

If you have the part, Ely will install it for free.

“We get to affect change in somebody’s life who is arguably having one of the worst days of their life,” said Ely, who now has his own garage on Southwest 29th Street.

The garage was a gift from Returning the Favor’s Mike Rowe who heard about Hard Luck’s mission.

The two-year free lease expires in April and Ely can’t afford to pay the rent going forward while still charging customers nothing.

Ely said he’ll keep his pricing and wants to move to Midwest City.

Midwest City has a “Land for Jobs Program” and will offer property for free to businesses if they can pay for construction.

“They’ve gained international attention with their mission,” said Midwest City Director of Economic Development Robert Coleman.

Coleman said Hard Luck will have to prove its abilities to raise the money for its garage.

Fortunately, Hard Luck Auto has survived through donations and the sale of t-shirts online.

“I like their chances,” said Coleman.

On September 22, the city council of Midwest City will vote on whether to allow Hard Luck Auto to participate in the program.

“The joy that they have when they leave here, that’s keeps us coming back every day,” said Ely about the people he helps.