9-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand Fills Need In Community

Thursday, September 10th 2020, 6:30 pm
By: Brian Mueller

For ten days every summer Nathan Unruh mans his stand alongside his family's.

They sell fireworks, Nathan, ice cold lemonade.

"It can be 110 degrees and he's always, he's out here, doesn't complain," said Nathan's mom Anny.

Nathan sweats through ten-hour days. The first two years he made enough for a new bike and Nintendo DS.

But for the past two, his lemonade has come to the aid of others.

"He has a big heart, and he always wants to help out others," said Shawn Unruh, Nathan's dad.

"One day when I was driving down the highway thinking about what to do with my lemonade stand this year, I thought that other kids needed the money more than me," said Nathan.

The money from every cup and cookie that Nathan sold went to the charity Harley's House in Weatherford. He originally chose it because his sister is named Harley.

The timing was perfect.

"With COVID and families that weren't able to work or they were having to work and they didn't have childcare, we had completely run out of backpacks and diapers," said Kalie Kerth, founder of Harley's House. "And then Nathan comes."

Bearing a really big check.

Harley's House helps families with childcare and supplies. The $1,100 Nathan raised is used to support the over 200 families that Harley's House cares for.

"It just makes my heart feel really good about it," said Nathan.

Case in point that no matter how small the town, or the prices, you can always make a big difference.

"Maybe he can send a message to show that anybody can help," said Anny.

For more information on Harley's House, check out their website.