Oklahoma Medical Professionals Help In The Fight Against Coronavirus In New York City

Thursday, April 9th 2020, 6:05 pm
By: News 9

Many medical professionals from Oklahoma are helping in the deadliest COVID-19 corridor in the world, New York City.

News 9’s Kelly Ogle talked with two of them Thursday afternoon, before they caught their bus to a Brooklyn hospital where they've been working in intensive care.

Tomeka Foster and Tera Allen, ICU nurses, left Oklahoma City a week ago after breaking the news to their families:

"They understood that nursing is my calling and this is the opportunity of a lifetime to come and help and to be a part of something that affects the whole world," said Allen.

Still, they admit being scared their first day taking care of some very sick coronavirus patients.

"Because when you walk in people are covered from head to toe. Goggles, masks, suits, boots for their feet making sure nothing is exposed, and it was like... This is real!" said Allen.

And in their first week in New York City, they've dealt with more death than they expected.

"Sometimes we have to be that person who's there with them when they're passing. There's been a lot of that and they can only see us basically our eyes so, we have to make sure our eyes are pleasant. We have to make sure we're holding their hands and talking. Making sure they feel secure during this time because it's very scary for them as well," said Foster.

Foster and Allen will be working in the ICU in New York City for two more weeks, heroes on the front lines.