Bond Denied For Man Accused Of Paralyzing Police Officer

Friday, February 25th 2011, 1:22 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY – A judge denied bond Friday for one of the men accused of beating and paralyzing Oklahoma City Police Officer Chad Peery during a bar fight.

The judge said there was clear and convincing evidence Joshua Rinken was a danger to the public.  Rinken, Cadmio Lopez and Jimmy Smith have been charged with one count each of maiming and one count each of conspiracy.

Police said on Tuesday, Feb. 15, Peery was watching an Oklahoma City Thunder game with his dad when employees at Dan O'Briens restaurant -- who knew he was a police officer -- asked him to break up a fight. Witnesses said Rinken, Smith and Lopez were arguing with other customers. Peery stepped in and asked the men to leave.

According to court documents, as Peery was escorting Rinken and Smith out of the restaurant,  they suddenly attacked him. Prosecutors said Rinken and Smith beat Peery until he was unconscious, then tossed him on the ground.  Witnesses said Lopez prevented anyone from trying to stop the assault.

"All three acted hand in glove," said Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland.  "One held, one punched, and the other held people off so they could continue the assault."

Police said after the men beat Peery, all three suspects ran to their cars and drove away.

An Oklahoma County judge denied bond for Rinken after a string of witnesses testified about a history of similar behavior.  The mother of Rinken's two children said he abused drugs and alcohol and was always looking for a fight when he went out drinking.

"The problem here is this man is violent," said Rowland. "This man has shown through his entire adult life that he is violent, that he abuses steroids, that he is prone to temper mood swings.  The public is just not safe as long as he is out among them."

Officer Peery is recovering in the intensive car unit. Court documents said Peery had fractures on his third and fourth vertebrae with the fourth displaced. He has feeling on the top of his hands and bottom of his feet and he can bend his arms at the elbow, but can't use his hands. The documents also said he has no other feeling from the neck down.

If found guilty, the maximum sentence for each of the defendants would be 17 years in prison.