Fired Cashion Firefighters Continue to Serve

Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 12:35 am
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

CASHION, Oklahoma -- On Thursday, the Village of Cashion fired most of the members of its volunteer fire department, but that's not stopping some of the firefighters from continuing to protect the community.

There have been at least two instances where former members have continued to serve.

The firefighters no longer have their pagers or access to their fire gear or fire trucks, but they say they still feel the need to serve.

Firefighters are used to battling a hot blaze, but, against the powers that be, they were not match against the inferno of Thursday's council meeting. The board fired more than a dozen volunteer firefighters by never said why.

"I think we want what everybody wants," said Cricket Dennis, wife of former firefighter Justin Dennis. "We want answers. We want to know why."

Dennis says even without Cashion's blessing, former members will not give up on the community.

"They've got 17 guys that would bend over backwards to help that town not matter what," explained Dennis.

Former firefighter Jim Robinson explained his passion for the job.

"We did that job because we loved doing it, and we cared about the community," said Robinson. "We care about the people."

Robinson was one of three former firefighters to respond to a car accident three days after the board severed ties with some of Cashion's bravest.

"[Cashion's] new firefighters were nowhere to be seen," said Dennis.

Dennis witnessed the emergency response and says only former Cashion firefighters assisted an ambulance in the rollover accident.

"I never got my letter in the mail," said Robison referring to an expected notice of being fired. "I guess I'm a former firefighter from Cashion."

Although Cashion can take away the title of firefighter, Robinson says no one can ever take away his desire to serve.

News 9 was told former members of the department also responded to Sunday's grass fire in the Cashion area.

Former firefighters tell News 9 there will be another council meeting to discuss the issue on Tuesday, July 5.