Teacher's Assistant Accused Of Sexting Students

Wednesday, April 18th 2012, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

A Southmoore teacher's assistant is under investigation for sending sexually explicit pictures to students.

Police say it's been going on for weeks, but they have not arrested the educator yet. Tuesday night she confessed to the crime.

"It's pretty weird, pretty creepy, pretty disgusting," said Justin Wickerson, a student at Southmoore.  

"I believe one of them complained to their parents that it was getting a little bit to out of control," said Moore Police spokesperson Jeremy Lewis.

The allegations have shocked both parents and students.

"That is kind of weird coming from our school. I would never think that that would happen! It's kind of crazy. That makes me wonder about some of the people here," said Erica Rice, a Southmoore student.

Parents were upset administrators hadn't alerted them.

"It's already a problem we have with kids with phones and internet and all of that. But to think that they come to schools and teachers or teacher aids or whatever engaging in that [is] pretty worrisome," said Jean Blackwood, a Southmoore parent.

After being questioned, the teacher's assistant admitted to sending several poses of nude self portraits to three boys.

"She just says it was a mistake. She doesn't really have a defense," said Lewis.

Police aren't releasing the teacher's assistant's name until she is arrested, but they say that should happen Thursday. They are investigating to determine if anything else happened besides the racy photos.