Several Trailers Stolen From Yukon Storage Facility

Thursday, January 10th 2013, 10:50 am
By: News 9

Yukon police are looking for two men who took trailers and construction equipment from a local storage facility. But what the thieves did not know is that hidden surveillance cameras were watching.

Because of the clear surveillance video, Yukon police were able to identify one of the thieves as George Ormsbee, a convicted felon who has recently served time in prison. They also managed to track down the truck he was driving, a 1989 silver over maroon Dodge pickup truck with Texas plates.

On the surveillance video, you can see as the truck drives in with nothing, and then out of the storage facility with a trailer and cement mixer in tow. Police believe these two took at least 5 trailers and some expensive construction equipment too.

"These people stole five trailers from our city in a week's time," said Lt. Ron Mathews with the Yukon Police Department. "And we feel that there may be other victims out there that don't realize their trailers are gone yet from these storage facilities."

Customers who visit 5 Star Storage know the place is under video surveillance the minute they walk in the door. But these thieves did not know just now close some of their hidden cameras are. One is right on the keypad to get into the gated yard.

"This is the first time we got to test our video surveillance and it worked perfectly," said Rick Opitz, the owner of 5 Star Storage. "We've got the best pictures of the truck tag vehicle all the people who were involved. We have them and their mug shots are going to be blasted everywhere!" 

"We're looking for the younger man who was with him and in one of the videos there's a blonde woman who is with him also, " added Mathews.

Opitz just wants his customers to get their trailers and equipment back, before they are sold off to someone else. 

"You can't stop the thief," laments Opitz. "But you can catch him and that's what we're going to do!"

George Ormsbee is no stranger to the Department of Corrections. He has served time in prison for stealing a car and knowingly concealing stolen property. He is still at large, so if you know where he is, call Yukon Police.