Hunting Blind Made Out Of Marijuana, Oklahoma Game Warden Says

Tuesday, September 1st 2015, 10:49 pm
By: News 9

Their decoys gave them away, but their hideout landed them in jail.

Authorities in Major County made quite the find when they stumble upon a hunting blind made of marijuana plants.

It was brought to the attention of the game warden when someone drove by and noticed someone else was illegally hunting doves two days before season.

“Back behind me about a hundred and fifty yards is a little grove of trees,” Major County Game Warden Frank Huebert said.

In that little grove of trees was a big grove of something else.

“We came in from behind,” Huebert said. “They didn’t know we were there until we were right there.”

The men were caught with nowhere to go.

“We also noticed that they’d built their blinds out of stalks of marijuana,” Huebert said. “They didn’t act startled, but they did act like they may have had a concern or two.

Huebert said dove blinds are usually made of netting or other native vegetation.

Of the three only one was arrested, Jon Poslick. He was wanted on other complaints.

However, all three were charged including Jon's brother Paul Poslick. This isn't his first time to be in trouble for not having a license. He hasn't had one to fish or drive before either. It's also not another first.

“Well, it’s possession of marijuana,” Huebert said.

The men had marijuana buds, a pipe and dove that was illegally shot out of season.

Deputies followed one of the men to his house so he could show them his ID where they found more illegally hunted wildlife, meth and needles. One thing lead to another, a unique way to camouflage a crime that ended up making the hunters the targets.

“I don’t know of anybody in the state that’s probably experienced a situation.” Huebert said.

A situation that was quite like this.

All three are charged with multiple counts.