Search Warrant Reveals New Allegations Against Jaymie Adams' Mother-In-Law

Monday, March 19th 2012, 7:51 pm
By: News 9

Prostitution, persuading a witness, and inconsistent statements are just some of the allegations against Tina Clarke found in the latest search warrant filed in the murder case against her son, Justin Adams.

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Justin Adams is charged with two counts of murder after his wife, Jaymie Adams, and her unborn child were found dead in a wooded area near Lake Stanley Draper.

From the day Jaymie Adams disappeared, Tina Clarke began defending her son, Justin Adam's innocence.

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Now the mom is trying to maintain her own.

"I figure they arrest my son I will be next," Clarke said.

With search warrants, investigators hope to pinpoint Justin Adams and Tina Clarke's exact location during the time Jaymie Adams was murdered. On computers and a cell phone seized from Clarke, police report finding text messages sent to Clarke offering money for sex acts. Plus, references to Craigslist ads for sex.

Police also found sexually explicit photographs of Clarke. Clarke says the pictures were only sent to her boyfriend.

"That's not even relevant to whether Jaymie got killed or not. My personal life has nothing to do with it," Clarke said.

With police previously discovering Justin and Jaymie Adams were involved in online prostitution, and evidence shows Jaymie planned to meet men for sex the night she disappeared in December 2011, police now believe it's possible Clarke also took part in prostitution.

"When I went on there posing as a prostitute, I did it for a month and a half trying to get someone to say okay, I will give you money and we will meet with in a 10 mile radius of where Jaymie was found. Then I am looking at someone of interest," Clarke said.

Police also report finding specific text messages exchanged between Clarke and her boyfriend. The boyfriend messaged Clarke, "today u told me how to say it...I tell the truth," and "I'm not your alibi... I'm a person that stayed at your trailer the night this all evolved."

Clarke says those messages are just lovers scorn.

"I told him I don't need an alibi…alibi is for guilt," Clarke said.