Trial Date Uncertain For Wife of Slain Nichols Hills Fire Chief

Thursday, April 5th 2012, 6:59 pm
By: News 9

The wife of slain Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan could wait until next year to go to trial.

A judge decided Becky Bryan will be arraigned at the end of May and head to trial for the murder of her husband. Prosecutors expect her jury trial to be put on the docket for September of this year because the Canadian County Courthouse does not take jury trials during the summer months.

However, another high-profile murder trial is already set for the same time.  Joshua Durcho is due in court this September for the murder of his girlfriend and her four children back in 2009.

If all goes as planned, Becky Bryan could wait for trial until the winter months of this year or the first of 2013.

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In the time between her preliminary hearing and the jury trial, Bryan's attorney Gary James plans to focus on the evidence issues he brought to light in the preliminary hearing.

"We'll start filing motions, prepare for trial and begin hiring experts, things of that nature," said James.

At trial the lawyer plans to challenge some of the investigators findings at the crime scene. Testimonies reveal investigators determined the gun used in the shooting of Keith Bryan matched a serial number of an empty gun case found in their bedroom. 

Investigators say the gun, a Ruger LCP .380, belonged to Keith Bryan but the defense argued Keith Bryan purchased two of the exact same guns, one of which was reported stolen from his son months before the murder.

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"I think anything is important when you look at an investigation and is everything challenged? And have they done everything they are supposed to do?" explained James.

James questioned OSBI agents on the stand about the stolen gun which James says is exactly like the one found at the crime scene. The agents said they did not know enough about the burglary to give testimony, but Mustang Police confirmed with News 9 Bryan's son did have a gun stolen in 2011 that has not been recovered.

Police also confirm a juvenile male is accused of stealing the gun. The attorney says that juvenile is also connected to other crimes within a mile of the Bryan home and could be connected to the shooting death of Keith Bryan.

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News 9 has also learned more about the DNA evidence submitted during the preliminary hearing. A glove found in the dryer did not only contain a DNA match to Becky Bryan, but also a possible match to Keith Bryan.

The defense also says gunshot residue found on Becky Bryan's hand was minimal. James says he plans to reveal more discrepancies in the case at trial.

Becky Bryan is scheduled to be arraigned on May 22. 

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