Tulsa Senator Authors Controversial School Sports Bill

Sunday, February 26th 2017, 10:30 pm
By: News On 6

A controversial new proposal could change participation in public school sports.

Senate bill 611 would allow charter school students and their local peers to compete on the same teams.

The author of the bill, Tulsa Senator Gary Stanislawski, notes that a student's eligibility for these programs would follow school district requirements. 

Some superintendents argue that virtual charter schools, in particular, don't have traditional attendance and other rules that their students have to adhere to. 

Another concern is that public schools would have to foot the bill for the charter school student to participate in these activities.

"Where does it make sense that a parent of a student or a student themselves can choose to go to a charter or virtual charter and then decide, 'well yeah, but I want to play athletics over there where I live. That makes no sense to me," said Superintendent Charles Dickinson of Dale Public Schools. 

This bill will be voted on tomorrow in the Senate education committee, and is under emergency status, calling the issue necessary to maintain public peace.