Oklahoma Experts Warn Of Dangerous Drugs In Disguise Sold Online

Tuesday, May 15th 2012, 10:00 pm
By: News 9

Bobbie Miller, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- They're deadly. Dangerous, in disguise, and worse, readily available to our kids.

They look like helpful household products. They are sold online and conveniently shipped to your home. Making it past the most watchful eye.

"It may look like something any kid would order, like screen cleaner for their phone. But they need to be aware, because they are marketed this way to avoid discovery by parents," said Scott Schaeffer with the Oklahoma Poison Control Center.

Oklahoma poison control experts were first alerted when emergency room physicians called them with accounts of wild patients.

"Very aggressive, hallucinating, that may require four or five people to restrain them," Schaeffer said.

And when they ordered the drugs and put them under the microscope, there was no denying their true intent.

"They're supposed to dissolve in water and feed your plants. Obviously that's not the way they're being used," Schaeffer said.

The OSBI uses several instruments to determine what's in a product like mind candy. The problem is that the lengthy legal process can't keep up with illegal drug makers already cooking up the next hot item.

"It keeps us very busy. We start seeing kids go the hospital because they're experimenting with these things. We don't know it until we actually see it out there," said Kevin Krammer with the OSBI.

Caymanchem.com is the site to show a compound and then move one of the "Sticks or Circles" to demonstrate the tiny change the chemists make.

These "street chemists," as they're called, alter the formula ever so slightly to skirt the law. So, technically, they're not illegal. And with so many variations out there, it's almost impossible for investigators to stop them.

"There's a lot of financial gain. As long as that exists, it will continue to be a problem," Krammer said.

We tried to order our own "screen cleaner" and "shoe deodorizer" from several of these illicit sites, but they no longer take credit cards,"

We're told credit card companies have caught on to their business tactics and refuse to do business with them anymore.

Cash on delivery and shady bank transfers were common sale practices instead.