Milk Prices Could Soar If Deal On 'Fiscal Cliff' Not Met

Wednesday, December 26th 2012, 9:32 pm
By: News 9

The fiscal cliff showdown in our nation's capitol could have a major impact on how much we will be paying for a gallon of milk in a few weeks. 

A massive and complicated farm bill is attached to the so-called fiscal cliff legislation. If lawmakers don't end their impasse by the end of the year, consumers could be spending as much as $8 for a gallon of regular mass-produced milk. 

Aprill Przepiora says her family goes through more than a gallon of milk a day.

"I can't do [$8 a gallon]," she said. "That's ridiculous."

Matt Runkle of Native Roots Market in downtown Oklahoma City says he expects lawmakers to come to an agreement in time, because he says too much is at stake.