McLoud Training Facility Looks To Educate New Gun Owners

Thursday, January 31st 2013, 6:55 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma gun retailers say sales have jumped since gun restrictions became part of the national political conversation, after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. With thousands of guns flying off the shelves in Oklahoma, some gun experts wonder how ready these new gun owners are to protect their homes?

Wes Elliot, a former law enforcement officer, now specializes in teaching civilians how to defend themselves. At his training facility Practical Shooting, LLC, Elliot and his team put civilians through hands-on, realistic training.

They cover everything from where you can carry a gun, to what gun is best for individuals to use in actual home-invasion scenarios. Elliot sees a lot of mistakes, starting with many homeowners purchasing pistols. Instead, he recommends a shotgun.

"You don't have to be so accurate and a sheet-rock wall with number six buck shot, generally, will defeat the shotgun so the round won't continue through the house," said Elliot.

The team trains with real guns, outfitted for simulation bullets.

"It's reality based training. It doesn't do us any good to put you in this perfect scenario that we tell you that your gun's on your side and you're lying in your bed. Nobody really does that," he explained. "If you put it in the nightstand, we want you to put it in the nightstand. If it's up on a shelf, we put it up on a shelf. If it's in a lockbox, we've got lockboxes."

The trainers can actually set up their shooting house to resemble your own home. They also have a make-shift restaurant and convenience store, as well as cars to train civilians self-defense in other everyday situations.