A Blind Date Turns Into An OK Woman's Nightmare

Monday, July 6th 2015, 11:18 pm
By: News 9

A blind date turned into a nightmare for an Oklahoma woman who barely survived.

Her family said her date wrecked the car they were in then left her for dead. Now the woman is at OU Medical Center with a broken neck.

It happened July 4, and Jo Salazar's family said they want the man who took her out to be held responsible for what happened that night.

"Her neck is broke. Her back is broke,” her sister Chess Salazar said. "She was out there alone, severely injured, and he left her for dead."

In the middle of nowhere, Jo Salazar found strength from nowhere.

"She managed to get back in the vehicle, find her phone, call 911, and then, I think the most gut-wrenching thing that she's told me is that she laid on her belly in the dirt in pain, broken neck, broken back, being eaten by bugs,” her sister said. “She could feel them on her. She couldn't move."

Help was on the way. Salazar was on a blind date, and it was a big step for her after just getting out of a 15 year relationship.

"She is kind of an introvert, and I was pushing her to get out and be social, and she did. She went out that night,” Chess Salazar said.

She met a man at a bar in Lawton.

"He was a friend of a friend, and they had just met that evening. They hit it off. He's kind of a charmer,” she said. “She didn't know him from Adam, but she left in the vehicle with him."

The two were supposedly going to his place, but they crashed into a tree and never made it.

"He climbed out of the vehicle. He said, 'I'm not going to catch a charge for this, and he left on foot.’” Chess Salazar said.

Jo Salazar is now recovering at OU Medical Center. She is injured pretty badly but is alive.

"It's on her account that we know anything, that we know what happened,” Chess Salazar said. “It's on her account that she's alive.”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said they have a suspect but they are not releasing his name, and the investigation is ongoing.