Holtzclaw Trial Resumes, Another Victim Testifies

Monday, November 16th 2015, 4:57 pm
By: News 9

On Monday the jury heard from a former boyfriend of one of Daniel Holtzclaw's alleged victims. He testified he woke up to find Holtzclaw inside the victim's home and that he came in uninvited.

On Monday, the defense tried to discredit that boyfriend by bringing up his criminal past. As it turns out, the boyfriend is a convicted sex offender.

As Holtzclaw walked in for the third week of his trial, he prepared to hear from two of his fellow officers as well as that registered sex offender boyfriend of one of the victims.

Prosecutors state Holtzclaw never reported or arrested the boyfriend because he did not want to draw attention to the alleged victim's home. They contend instead, Holtzclaw just threatened to harass the boyfriend anytime he saw him.

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One officer also testified they had GPS records that showed Holtzclaw drove by that victim's home several times; evidence that could be seen as Holtzclaw using his power as an officer to intimidate and stalk his victims. But the defense says Holtzclaw was just driving and checking his normal patrol route.

Also on Monday, a fourth victim also took the stand. She testified Holtzclaw stopped her for no reason while she was walking down the street and demanded she expose her breasts.

This will be short week for the Holtzclaw trial. Jurors will have Thursday and Friday of this week off, as well as Thursday and Friday of next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. The trial is expected to last through November.