Enes Kanter Disowned By Family, Posts Emotional Response

Monday, August 8th 2016, 5:02 pm
By: News 9

Enes Kanter has been an outspoken supporter of the Gulen Movement for some time, but today the Thunder center was disowned by his family because of those political views. According to the Daily Sabah, Kanter’s father Mehmet apologized to the Turkish people and president Erdogan for Enes’ anti-Erdogan tweets and Gulen support.

Enes then tweeted a response in Turkish which has been translated by Eurohoops.net. It reads:

“Today I lost my mother, father, brothers and sisters, my family and all my relatives. My own father asked me to change my surname. My mother, who has given me life disowned me. My brothers and sisters with which we have grown together ignore me. My relatives don’t want to see me again.

For Gulen’s work, which has been grown by the tears of loyal and devoted people, not one but thousands of Enes could be sacrificed. I would sacrifice my mother, father and whole family for Gulen’s sake.

I would give my head for this case. I hope my God would take from my life and give it to Gulen. I would sacrifice my heaven and I would laugh through hells for this service. My love for Gulen is more than my love to my mom, father, brothers and sisters and all other loves.

My mom and my father would be sacrifice for you, for this service, for this case. There should be no doubt for everybody! God will take care to those people who are the supporters of this case, God will ramp up! Hang on my big brothers, hang on my big sisters! Hang in there! Let’s not lose that test. Let’s not be the losers at that victorious time. From now on, my sisters and brothers are the supporters of that service in 171 countries. Soldiers of that service are my brothers and sisters. From now on, my family is my Hodja (Gulen) who has tears in his eyes. Tyrants will be swept away in time. Hang on, God is with us. My god will make everything good. It’s an indispensable case. There is God, there isn’t grief.

Enes (Kanter) Gulen”

This is a complicated and emotional story to follow. Kanter will be the second-highest paid player on the Thunder roster this fall. He's been very active on social media this offseason, even taking several not-so-subtle digs at Kevin Durant following Durant's free agency decision to leave the team.

Turkey did not qualify for men's basketball in the Rio Olympics. Kanter was not invited to participate on the team due to his political support of Gulen.