Family Of Jaymie Adams Speaks To Her Killer At Sentencing

Friday, December 2nd 2016, 11:46 am
By: News 9

Joseph Cyr was silent as a judge handed down two sentences of life without parole Friday in the murder of Jaymie Adams. In October, a jury convicted Cyr of killing Adams and her unborn child.

Prosecutors argued Joseph Cyr called and set up a meeting to have sex with Adams, then brutally stabbed her and left her body in a field near I-240 and Western. 

In court Friday, three family members of Adams addressed the court and gave victim impact statements.

Jaymie's adopted mother, Cindy Kuehler, gave a statement for the prosecutor to read. In it she wrote:

You killed my daughter - do you have any idea what that does to a mother? I took her to church and talked to her about God. What could she have possibly done to have you stab her 27 times? What was it that turned you into a murderer? Why couldn't you just walk away? You took a life you were not meant to take. Not only that you took two.

She also touched on how his Cyr's mother has suffered a loss as well with him going to prison, but she will still be able to talk to him.

Cyr denied ever meeting Adams for sex and pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. DNA evidence found inside Adams's body counters his claim since it was a perfect match to the DNA he provided to detectives during their investigation.

Adams’s stepmother-in-law, Kelly Adams, also read a prepared statement. She talked about how she had to tell Jaymie’s son that his mother had gone to heaven. She talked about how she remembered Jaymie’s smile and her eyes. She talked about how Jaymie loved being a mother.

"She did not deserve to be taken the way she was taken,” the statement read.

Jaymie's Father, Thomas Adams, also addressed Cyr directly. He told Cyr he could have just walked away.

"It breaks my heart that you are going to prison, makes me so sad for your mother," he said. "Whatever the truth is that happened that night it will come out."