Norman Residents, City Council Look To Address New Home Construction

Monday, January 9th 2017, 1:14 pm
By: Karl Torp

Folks in Norman think their neighborhoods are growing too fast and City leaders are being asked if they agree.

At issue is the rapid trend of building duplexes and other multi-unit housing near the University of Oklahoma campus. Students primarily live in the units.

“It’s completely destroyed the feet of the this area,” said OU professor Lloyd Bumm.

Bumm lives in the Miller District and walks past the new duplexes and multi-family housing projects each day when he goes to class.

Several homes in the area have been demolished to make room for the duplex-style and house apartments.

“There is a concern that it’s overwhelming the neighborhood,” said Norman planning director Susan Connors.

Connors said Norman City Council will now decides whether to totally halt home construction in the area for six month so a solution can be found.

No building permits will be issued in the area bordered by Robinson, NE 12th, Lindsey, and Flood Ave.

Since Oct 7, 21 building permits have been approved for the area. Another 20 are pending.

The Norman City Council is expect to make a decision on a moratorium on Tuesday at their meeting.