Investigation Continues After Fetus Found In Water Treatment Plant

Wednesday, March 28th 2018, 9:48 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

It's been nearly two weeks since a fetus was found at the Deer Creek Waste Water Treatment Facility.

Wednesday, the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office released a 911 call from workers after they found body.

  • “911 OP: So he thinks he's found a baby at the waste water plant?
  • Caller: Yeah, he's pretty confident.
  • 911 OP: So it's not conscious, or breathing, right? It's probably deceased.
  • Caller: I don't believe so. He didn't say it was alive. I'm assuming here, but I'm pretty sure it's not.
  • 911 OP: Ok.”

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The medical examiner's report is still pending, and it’s not clear if the fetus passed away prior to being found inside a drain at the waste water treatment plant.

Oklahoma City reports, to their knowledge, this is the first case of it’s kind at any of their four waste water plants.

They add, this is not drinking water. This is water that comes from your toilet, or flood waters nearing manhole covers and drains.

“This case hinges a lot on who this individual is. Who this mother is, whether it was a miscarriage, whether it was a premature birth,” said Public Information Officer of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Mark Opgrande.

The fetus was found pressed against a barrier that is designated to catch larger debris before it enters other parts of the plant.

Deputies describe the body as being between the second or third trimester.

Here’s more from the 911 call:

  • “911 OP: I know this is a hard question, but is it like a fully grown infant, or is it a miscarriage maybe?
  • Caller: The description I got was a baby.”

How the child got there is still a debate. 

However, investigators do have a time frame of when this could have happened.

“It could have been up to, 72 (hours) would have been on the very high end. They said the signs, that the fetus had on it, told us it was it not very long before that that the fetus was put into the system,” Opgrande said.

They do know the fetus had to have come from somewhere in northwest Oklahoma County.

Deputies say another priority making sure the mother received medical attention at the time.

“So, we are hoping anybody out there could shed some light on this. We know people know about it, at least one person does know and we are really hoping to get in contact with them,” Opgrande said.

Deputies have gotten a handful of tips, but so far, not the one they are looking for to solve this case.

They add at this point, no sex has been released in terms of the fetus.