Court Documents Reveal Details In McClain County Murder

Wednesday, May 9th 2018, 8:52 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Close to two weeks ago, Twyla Taylor filed a missing person’s report with the Oklahoma City Police Department after her daughter, 23-year-old Shaliyah Toombs disappeared.

Toombs was seven months pregnant with a little boy. Taylor got a text saying  "they gonna kill me mom help me," from her daughter’s phone.

On May 2, Toombs’ body was found in a Dodge pick-up on the side of I-35 near Goldsby.

But that discovery came from an unexpected tips.

Deputies said the driver of a pick-up, Daniel Vasquez, walked over two miles to a Love’s Truck Stop after he ran out of gas. He reportedly found an officer at the store and told him about the body in the cabin of the truck.

“I was the first one to pull up behind the pick-up. It looked like any other vehicle sitting on the interstate, um until I walked up to it, and I could smell it. Right then, I knew we had problems,” said McClain County Lt. Christopher Grace.

Evidence shows Vasquez had the body in the vehicle for over three days. He’s been accused of Accessory to Murder.

Law enforcement has since charged two others in connection with the crime, 30-year-old Joshua Finkbeiner and 42-year-old Staci Harjo. They were found north of Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Deputies believe Harjo, Finkbeiner and Vasquez drove around Cleveland County before Toombs was killed near Lake Thunderbird.

Court documents state she was possibly choked to death.

The investigation is ongoing, but the motive is developing. Records state Harjo and Finkbeiner accused Toombs of stealing a backpack and hard drive that contained valuable oilfield documents. Deputies said the backpack belongs to Finkbeiner and his employer. The mother of the victim said her daughter recently made friends with Harjo, and showed some concern.

“She told me about, she had met this girl Staci and I was like, 'Shaliyah who is this girl Staci?’ And she said, ‘Just a friend. She is a good friend. She is really helping me.’ I was like, 'OK, but Shaliyah be careful because you are just too friendly,'” said Taylor.

Toombs would have named her son Haydenn, and she did have two other daughters. Now, Taylor said she is left to raise Harmonee and Honestee herself.

“We are a family of girls. My mom had two girls. I have Shaliyah. My sister has a daughter. Shaliyah had two girls and we were finally getting a boy. I was like, I am finally going to get a grandson, but they took that away from me,” said Taylor.

Funeral services are set for Friday, May 11, at 11:00 a.m. in El Reno, through the Howard Harris Funeral Service.

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