OKC Tiffany Apartments Get $25M Face-Lift

Thursday, June 28th 2018, 6:16 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

The year was 1967. Doctor King preached peace. The space race was in full speed. And the Tiffany Apartments were built on Oklahoma City’s Northwest side, with its 8-foot tall “Tiffany” sign serving as a landmark. But age took its toll on the 94,000 square foot building and it became home to nothing but pigeons and vandals.

Fast forward to today. The building has gotten a $25 million facelift, restoring its 1960’s grandeur.

"It's a very Iconic Building in Oklahoma City and we really want to preserve the building,” said owner Glenn Ferguson.

Link Cowen of Cowen Construction added, "Well we had to take it back to its original structure but still keep the characteristics, the character it had from the beginning so when you do that you really have to pay attention to what it was previously before you make it new. And that's hard to do when it was in such a deteriorated state when we started."

Today, the building boasts a 60’s feel, with the original mosaic and nostalgic furniture. But it also has modern conveniences like a gym, a salt water pool and a “Green” friendly appeal.

"It has a passive geothermal system which basically uses the ground temperature to passively heat and cool the building. It's incredibly energy efficient. Very affordable. Very unique. We have electric vehicle charging stations on the property. I believe we are the only apartment in Oklahoma City that has that,” said Ferguson.

Apartments start at about $1,200 and include a combination of modern and retro features.

Owners said the building just had so much character; so much personality, they just couldn’t level it.

"To be able to preserve something that has history and so many people in Oklahoma City remember living in or visiting that's really rewarding and I think people respond to it. So, I think it was worth it,” said Ferguson.

If you’re interested in moving, you’d better move fast. The building doesn’t even open till August, and a quarter of the apartments are already leased, sight unseen.