OSU, OU Preparing For Liquor Law Changes

Tuesday, August 21st 2018, 8:12 pm
By: News 9

With the new liquor laws on the horizon, OSU and OU have plans for full strength beer at sporting events.

For the past several years, OSU has partnered with the Oklahoma ABLE Commission and other safety professionals to promote alcohol responsibility.

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There will be a mass presence of alcohol and drug abuse prevention the first few weeks of school.

“We want people to know that if they’re drinking underage, if they’re driving drunk, if they’re getting intoxicated and getting out on the street and causing problems for themselves or someone else, enforcement is going to be taken. That also includes house parties around Stillwater,” said ABLE Commission’s Captain Erik Smoot.

When asked if there is more of an emphasis this year due to Oklahoma State selling beer at sporting events, university officials say not much will change.

“I wouldn’t say it’s any more or less because these issues have existed before sales in the stadium have,” said Chuck Lester, with OSU’s Prevention Programs.

News 9 reached out to the University of Oklahoma about beer sales at its sporting events. They say they are actively monitor changing policies and practices at other institutions and that President Gallegly is currently examining the issue with university staff and regents.