Exclusive News 9 Poll: Oklahoma’s Congressional Incumbents Drawing Strong Support

Monday, October 1st 2018, 6:06 pm
By: News 9

Exclusive News 9 polling indicates broad support for congressional incumbents across Oklahoma, according to poll results released Monday.

Republican Frank Lucas holds a 54-percent to 24.1-percent lead over Democrat challenger Frankie Robbins in Oklahoma's 3rd Congressional District. Nearly 22 percent of those asked either didn't know who they'd support or refused to say. Lucas has held this office since 2003.

Republican Tom Cole is 34 points ahead of Democrat challenger Mary Brannon and 53 points ahead of Independent challenger Rudy Peters (58 percent to 24.7 percent to 5.7 percent) in Oklahoma's 4th Congressional District. Only 11.6 percent of those asked said they were unsure of their vote or refused to say. Like Lucas, Cole has held his position since 2003.

The closest congressional race among the three News 9 polled on was for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District. Republican Steve Russell holds a 47.2-percent to 37.2-percent lead over challenger, Democrat Kendra Horn. However, 15.6 percent of the audience polled either said they didn't know who they'd support or refused to identify the candidate they'd support.

In all three sets of poll numbers, support for President Donald Trump was high. In the third district, President Trump's favorability rating was nearly 62 percent. In the fourth district, it was just beyond 57 percent. Lastly, in the fifth district, President Trump's favorability rating was just over 50 percent.

Conversely, support for outgoing Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin was quite low in all three polls. In the third district, Gov. Fallin's unfavorability rating was more than 62 percent. In the fourth district, the unfavorability number was nearly 73 percent, while it was nearly 71 percent in the fifth district. 

Election Day in Oklahoma is November 6.

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