Officials Issue Warning About Safe Usage Of Electric Scooters

Tuesday, August 7th 2018, 10:57 am
By: Ashley Holden

A new form of transportation is causing controversy in downtown Oklahoma City. 

Bird motorized scooters were first found in Oklahoma City last week, but city officials said they don't have regulations in place yet.

City officials said they first found out about the scooters last Wednesday, just before they launched on Thursday. Riders are supposed to be able to park the scooters in public areas such as sidewalks. 

Well the city said in order to do that, the company would need a revocable permit. The city said they are working with the company but as of now Bird doesn't have one.

Public works officials said this is a really a new form of transportation. That means they have to go over city ordinances as well as state laws as they work toward a resolution. 

Their goal is to draft an ordinance that would cover the scooters. After that the draft would be presented to City Council in the next month or two. 

Until then...everybody's message...including from police is stay safe. 

"We ask if there's a bike lane available, utilize that bike lane to keep it a little safer for the people on the scooter or people that are driving in the street," said Megan Moore with OCPD. 

Both Bird and the city have stressed the importance of safety throughout this process.