Blocks and blocks of non-working streetlights have raised the ire of an attorney, who says, he’s worked downtown since Jimmy Carter was President. 

Dwight Birdwell is an Army veteran, who earned two Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars, and is Oklahoma’s Military Hall of Fame. Yet, Birdwell says, he sometimes fears walking from his office at 217 North Harvey to his parked vehicle late at night, because the area is so dark. 

A spokesperson says the city is in the process of installing new energy efficient L.E.D. streetlights.

The City says the new streetlights should be installed sometime in the spring.

Birdwell says it’s taken too long.  

“It’s terrible. I don’t understand. Evil is attracted to darkness, and we, as much money as has been spent on making downtown a safer place, why not a little light?” expressed Birdwell.