It’s been about a week and a half since one local restaurant’s mascot was taken overnight.

Empire is a pizza restaurant in the Plaza District, well known by the pink elephant that typically sits out front. But now the hunt is on to find Ellie the Elephant. 

Representatives with the slice house told News 9 their unfortunately haven’t been many leads, but they are still hopeful. They are also thankful for the community support.

Local businesses in the area have pitched in to offer up their own products as rewards, one of those is No Regrets Tattoo. The shop is located down the road and has a history with Empire.

About three years ago, one of the artists at the shop designed four tattoos with different Empire themes and symbols. One of them even features Ellie.

If a customer goes to No Regrets and gets one of the four tattoos, they earn half off pizza for life. 

The tattoo shop says dozens of people now have the Empire ink.

News 9 found someone with the pink elephant tattoo, Edmond native James Elkins. He says the tattoo was well worth it, and makes him feel like he has a little piece of the now missing mascot.