GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma - A dog training facility near Tuttle in Grady County was heavily damaged by high winds Wednesday night. 

“Ground Zero” Emergency Training Center equips dogs with the capacity to find and save people after natural or man-made disasters. 

University of Oklahoma Football Legend, Barry Switzer and his wife Becky founded the organization about two years ago. 

The destructive winds ravaged the indoor training building, and ripped the roofs off of other buildings, but none of the 18 dogs were hurt. 

Cindy Morrison is a “Ground Zero” Board Member. “It is very ironic that mother nature decided to take a little bite out of our facility. But it’s not gonna get us down, just a step back.  We are excited over the new few years to create an international training facility to keep people safe across the world,” she said.  One of the dogs at “Ground Zero” is named “Heddy.”  

The black lab is expected to give birth to as many as eleven puppies sometime Friday.