GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - Construction crews worked to finish the job at Guthrie’s new Banner Park near 11th and Warner, Friday afternoon.

Public Works Director Tenny Maker said the splash pad will be up and running, along with the walking trails, pavilions and restrooms by the end of next week.

“The only thing in question really is the playground and it’s all depending on this weekend’s weather,” he explained.

Once the park is completed, it will be ADA compliant, which is another first for a park in Guthrie.

The construction comes after an intense fire in 2014, reportedly set by a group of teens at Banner School.

After the abandoned building burned, the City took over the property.

“It’s been real exciting to watch the transformation,” said Maker.

Crews used the header from the historic school's front door to create a monument near the entrance of the park.

“Any little bits and pieces that we could have salvaged and saved and put back into this thing, we did,” said Maker. “And we’ll continue to do that on all of our projects.”

They’re maintaining a piece of the site's past and its original purpose to serve kids.

The park was built with funds from the three-quarter-cent sales tax passed in 2016.