An advocacy group for State Question 788 is claiming several polling sites are withholding ballots with the state question on it.

Legalize it Oklahoma said they have received numerous reports "of trickery" at polling places, where voters are not given a second ballot with the state question on it unless they ask for it.

State Question 788 is to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

The group did not specify which polling sites where these reports were coming from.

News 9 reached out to the county election boards in Oklahoma, Canadian, Logan and Payne counties. 

Oklahoma County said they had one minor issue and the election board called all the inspectors to go over what ballots each voter should be getting. They said they had not received an official complaint.

Canadian County said they received calls about polling workers asking voters if they wanted the state question ballot. The board called those workers and told them to not ask but to just give them the ballots no matter what.

Logan County said they received one official complaint Tuesday morning but the inspector corrected the issue, and there have not been any complaints since.

Payne County said they have not received any official complaints, but said some people were being asked if they wanted it and some polling places reported a few voters walking off before getting a second ballot.

The state election board said if you are not receiving the ballot with the state question on it, report it to your county election board where your polling station is located.

Stay with News 9 and for more information as it becomes available.