OKLAHOMA CITY - A Southwest Oklahoma City stroke survivor who is in in failing health, says he’s been living without working air conditioning for more than a month. 

Herman Cummings, 70, has lived at Springdale Village Apartments on South Barnes Avenue for more than two years. When News 9 stopped by Monday, June 18, the air conditioner in his unit was frozen, and there was very little air coming from the small apartment’s air conditioning vents.

Cummings said apartment managers have repeatedly ignored his pleas to fix his A/C.

“I don’t know, I just wish it could get done and me not evicted, and all that kind of crap,” he said.

Springdale Village Manager Antonio Ortiz said he just took over as manager a week ago. He did not dodge any of News 9’s questions. He said several units around the apartment complex, including the main office, has had air conditioning problems in recent weeks.

Ortiz also told News 9 the air conditioning unit in Herman Cummings’ apartment would be fixed “by Wednesday.” Later Monday evening, News 9 was told it will be fixed by late Monday night.