STILLWATER - The suspect and victim involved in the Stillwater crime spree early Saturday morning have been located officials said.

According to a report, Stillwater police officers were dispatched to the Stonegate Apartments at 2:58 a.m.

Officers spoke with a woman who said she allowed the victim, identified as Virginia Squires, to stay at her apartment. The woman said Squires had a black eye and claimed to be assaulted by a man named Freddy, who was later identified as Frederick Allen McFall.

The woman told police that Freddy showed up at her apartment and demanded to speak with Squires. When McFall was told no, he allegedly kicked the door in and abducted Squires from the apartment, officials said.

According to police, the woman said she last saw McFall strangling Squires as he was abducting her.

Stillwater Police Department's Criminal Investigations Unit was called to assist with the investigation.

McFall has a criminal history out of Texas and Oklahoma, including convictions for assault and battery resulting in bodily injury, domestic abuse, possession of a controlled drug, placing bodily fluid on a government employee, and obstructing an officer. McFall also has two outstanding arrest warrants, officials said.

According to a report, Squires has an active permanent emergency protective order against McFall through Osage County.