LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man is on the run after leading police on a chase through Lincoln County Sunday.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says officers began to pursue a truck with an expired tag on the Turner Turnpike.

The chase went eastbound, until it reached a dead end on 3300 Road between Luther and Wellston.

There, the suspect ran off, and a short manhunt began.

Troopers say they have identified the man, who has prior warrants, through documents found in his truck.

Search crews left the scene shortly after the suspect ran, and say they plan to arrest the man at his residence.

While troopers say they don’t believe the suspect is an imminent threat to the community, they do advise people in the Lincoln County area keep their eyes open and be cautious.

“When you have someone who is fleeing from law enforcement it kind of puts them into a desperate mode. So, obviously they should be vigilant, lock doors and check out all out fields and things like that,” Trooper Wayne Linzy said.