OKLAHOMA CITY - For two nights, the Oklahoma City Tennis Center near Portland and Northwest 39th has been without lights on its courts.

Thieves pried loose the covers on four light poles and cut numerous wires.

Electricians believe they were after long runs of copper wiring going out to the lights.

“I have 160 parks, and something happens in them almost daily,” said OKC Parks Director Doug Kupper.

Kupper said these types of attempted thefts can have lasting effects.

The tennis courts at Earlywine Park in south OKC were targeted by thieves a few months ago.

Kupper said the City is still working to get every light pole fixed.

“Be a good neighbor. Watch out for us, as we are watching out for you. If you see something happen, call it in,” said Kupper.

Electricians say the thieves who struck the OKC Tennis Center cut the wrong wires and didn’t get away with the cooper wiring. They hope to have the lights back on for Thursday night league play.

“What these guys didn't realize is that they could have been electrocuted, killed,” said Jason Miller with Dane Electric.