OKLAHOMA CITY - Surveillance video shows someone stealing luggage from a group of kids heading to camp. It happened right in the parking lot of the South Lindsay Baptist Church.

The bus was parked on the street and the kids had dropped off their luggage in the parking lot and went inside for a prayer. But the good Lord wasn't the only one watching when the brazen thieves moved in.

Surveillance video from the church shows a white car drive past, the people inside the car clearly saw an opportunity and turned back around.

One person got out and threw two pieces of luggage into the car.

“You can see some damage on the right front fender of the vehicle, that’s a Pontiac GT,” explained Pastor Jerry Connell as he watches the video.

The car made another drive by but kept going because the kids were coming out of the church.

“They were going to hit it one more time,” said Pastor Connell.

That's when 10-year-old Jeffrey Pierce, noticed his suitcase was missing.

“My favorite shirt was in the suitcase,” said Jeffrey.  

But they just thought it was already on bus, until they arrived at camp and figured out what happened.

“I was worried because I wouldn’t have clothes to wear,” said Jeffrey.

A church member went and bought the boys clothes for the camp.

“I may spot them again one of these days and that will be interesting,” said Pastor Connell, who is now keeping a keen eye out for that car. “They didn’t just happen to be driving around this neighborhood sightseeing.”

If he finds them, he says he's going to have a heart to heart.

“You don’t have to steal, we’ll help you find a job. We’ll find something around here let you mow the grass will make you more money than you got out of that bag of clothes,” said Pastor Connell.

But if he doesn't, he'll leave it to the man above.

“That young man who jumped out there and grabbed those bags, he really does need to get his life right before he sees the Lord. Because he will answer. He may not get caught in this life but in the next one he’s going to answer,” said Pastor Connell.