OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City officials are warning drivers of the pitfalls of not paying attention when driving near the new streetcar route.

One driver was left high and dry this weekend.

Two pictures of car stuck in the steel rebar used to mold the concrete around the streetcar tracks at Near 11th and Harvey spread online.

By Monday morning, the car was gone and the crews were already pouring concrete where the car was once perched.

“I've seen cars drive into fresh concrete not paying attention,” said Maps 3 Program Manager David Todd.

Each questionable driving move around streetcar tracks are usually captured with a picture.

The City has several pics of cars and trucks that have gotten stuck due to the streetcar construction.

The City hopes people change their driving and parking habits by December when then streets begin operating.

One potential problem is that if cars are not parked close enough to the curb, they could be struck by a passing streetcar.