OKLAHOMA CITY - After a recent announcement, California has now banned state funded travel to Oklahoma.

Senate Bill 1140 would allow private adoption or foster agencies to deny placement or services if they encounter a violation of their religious or moral convictions.

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra made the announcement on Friday. Similar bans have been placed on travel to Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi and Texas. Senate Bill 1140  quickly created opposition from many groups, including the LGBTQ community in Oklahoma and beyond.

"They sent a message to same sex couples and interfaith couples and single parents that said you're not good enough to adopt we think people should be able to stop you... to discriminate against you," said Troy Stevenson with Freedom Oklahoma. 

In response to allegations of discrimination, Oklahoma State Senator Greg Treat issued a statement saying in part:

“SB 1140 was not about discrimination… It does not restrict same-sex couples from adopting. It does protect faith-based institutions that wish to provide these much needed services in Oklahoma."

Treat also said California’s ban should have a negligible effect on the Oklahoma economy.