OKLAHOMA CITY - The NFL just can't stop shooting itself in the foot. 

In response to the National Anthem kneeling by some players which angered a lot of fans, the league came out with a ridiculous rule. Players who don't want to honor the flag by standing during the anthem can refuse to even take part in it by waiting in the locker room.

That's not going to win back any fans, and now the stunt that the Super Bowl Champ Philadelphia Eagle's just pulled, isn't going to play well either. 

The Eagle's accepted an invitation to the White House last month to be recognized by the President. The White House was planning a South Lawn celebration for 81 players, coaches and staff members that the Eagles said would attend, plus one-thousand Eagles fans. 

Monday, the day before the ceremony, the Eagles sent a revised guest list. Fewer than ten people were going to be there, and by some accounts only one player. 

President Trump responded by immediately cancelling the whole shabang, and tweeted that the Eagle's "disagree with their President because he insists they proudly stand for the National anthem." 

A lot of NFL fans, even those who are not President Trump fans, will view the Eagles stunt as disrespecting the office of the President. It was a chance for the nation to recognize the Eagles as Champs, some much needed positive publicity for the NFL. Now they just look petty and political.