OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro teen was arrested for allegedly sending a message on Snapchat claiming he had just killed his parents.

The message was reported to police and officers went to the family’s home in Southwest Oklahoma City, Monday.

According to the police report, officers became even more concerned when no one answered the door at the family's home in Southwest OKC. Eventually they made contact with the mother, who had been sleeping inside. Officers sent in a robot to search for the teen.

“They had to take every precaution because we don’t know what the suspect was planning to do or if he had the ability to do anything, so we had to treat it at that point as if he was a barricaded subject,” said Officer Megan Morgan with Oklahoma City Police.

Officers also reached his father, who was at work.

“Have the police on the phone, asked me if I was okay,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, why? Why would I not be okay?’”

They filled him in on the situation. A few minutes later, police said the teen walked around the corner with his hands in the air and was taken into custody.

“It’s a little far for what actually took place,” his father said about the outcome.

But he still thinks his son should be held accountable.

“He should be held accountable for wasting the police’s time,” he explained. “Because they didn’t need to be here. They really didn’t need to show up at my house the way they did. It was a waste of resources where they could’ve been using those resources somewhere else to help somebody that actually needed it.”

Since his son's arrest, he's talked to him once on the phone and said the16-year-old apologized.

“Asked him what he was thinking. He said, ‘Well dad, I was just kidding around. I wasn’t being serious. You know, I was mad and I was just playing.’ But I told him again, ‘Hey, you know I told you before you can’t joke around like that. You’ll get in trouble.’ And he just found out you can get in trouble by playing games,” his father told News 9.

The police report said the mother was afraid of the teen and wanted charges to be filed. But the family told News 9 in an interview Wednesday they never said those things, only suggested the boy be taken for a psych evaluation.

OCPD said the incident is still under investigation.