OKLAHOMA CITY - A local mom faces child abandonment and neglect charges after police say she left her four children with a stranger. And police say the mom was strung out on meth at the time.  

Melissa Yeargain said everything about this hurts her heart. Yeargain said she and her husband woke up to a stranger pounding on their door. They looked outside and saw 26-year-old Cierra Eastep standing with her children.

"She said I don't have any food, I don't have any air conditioning. I need somebody to call DHS to come pick up my children,” said Yeargain.

That’s when Yeargain said Eastep left her kids; a 2-year-old girl, twin 1-year-old boys and a 5-year-old boy, behind. She called the police.

"The little boy looked at me and said we don't like cops. All they ever do is show up and arrest people. And then it became clear to me this little boy this is not his first rodeo,” Yeargain recalled. "And I started crying. Because I was like there’s babies laying on our sidewalk in baby carriers."

Police found Eastep a little while later. She admitted she had ingested meth and was very high.

Yeargain wishes she could talk with Eastep and offer some kind words.

"No matter how broken you think you are, there are people that have overcome such terrible circumstances in this world,” Yeargain said fighting back tears. "I wasn't sure that I had treated her with enough compassion. Because she was young and I have five children that age and I thought gosh this girl is in trouble."

Family members took custody of the kids.