YUKON, Oklahoma - Crews battled a house fire in Yukon early Wednesday morning. 

Several residents in the neighborhood said they woke up to intense smoke near Reno Avenue and Loch Lane. One neighbor said her dog woke her to the sight of the fire and she called for help.

"My little dog Anna here woke me up on the bed and I smelled smoke and so I got up and looked all around our house. I opened the garage door and saw the house across the street and the roof was engulfed so I called 911. If she hadn't had woke me up to get on the bed there's no telling how it would have spread or lives lost over it," said Kelly Bryant.

The Oklahoma City fire department said the home was ripped apart by the flames, including a huge portion of the roof. 

Firefighters said no one was inside of the home at the time. 

Firefighters said the home is a complete loss. Officials have not determined a cause of the fire. An investigation is underway.