Cashion Police officers picked up the pursuit Monday as suspect Myron Watson sped into their small community. Watson crossed over intersections and weaved through neighborhoods.

“There’s a lot of children in that neighborhood and so he jeopardized a lot of lives,” said Cashion Police Chief Veronica Thomas.

Chief Veronica Thomas said a reserve officer captured part of the chase from the passenger seat of the second car.

It shows Oklahoma City police officers throwing stop sticks and Watson avoiding them. The suspect continued to make dangerous decisions, and as our ground crews captured, maintain a scary speed.

“It was very intense,” Chief Thomas said.

As Watson headed back into Oklahoma City, traffic became too thick, so Cashion officers decided to call it.

But helicopters continued to monitor his every move.

“I’m hoping that people will see this and know that even though we’re a small town that we’re ready to step up and act at any time,” Chief Thomas told News 9.

Chief Thomas said this was the first pursuit in the five-year history of her being chief to come through their town.