OKLAHOMA CITY - A few months ago you'd be hard pressed to find a CBD store in the metro area, but now a quick google search shows more than 20 locations.

Cannabidiol is more commonly referred to as CBD. It's also one of more than 113 cannabinoids found within cannabis. Scientists said CBD does not have the intoxicating effect many associate with THC.

"We're never going to recommend anything that has THC or anything that's going to get you in trouble with your job or anything like that," said Jake Chilcoat with CBD Plus USA. 

CBD stores are praising what they call the positive benefits of the product - like aiding seizure relief to pain management. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said the best thing you can do as a shop owner and consumer is educate yourself about your product before it costs you.

OBN agents are monitoring the market and testing products.

In clarifying current CBD law in Oklahoma, Mark Woodward with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said, "If it's zero THC then it can be legally sold in Oklahoma; it does not contain a controlled substance. But if it has detectable amounts of THC, the state law is very clear that it cannot be sold here; it can only be shipped here directly to patients who are either part of a medical trial or who have written permission from a licensed physician."

Woodward admits that the current law may be confusing to some. "Right now state law says any detectable amounts up to 3 tenths of a percent THC are legal but only to be shipped or delivered to patients who are in a medical trail patients or who have written permission from a physician."

CBD oil with THC for medical use has been legal since 2015 in Oklahoma, however right now the products you find on the shelves at CBD shops popping up should contain zero.